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Hotel activity discontinued. Land and buildings to be sold. For info please sen us a message:

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The Resort is 1.5 km. from Andavadoaka and it can easily be reached following the road signs.
If you are not traveling in an off road vehicle we can take care of your transfer from Tulear to the Resort, with our vehicles.
You travel along the National Route for about 40 km., then continue on the coastal road for 120 km. It is a six hour journey that offers the possibility of seeing land and sea panoramas which are unique. On the way, we stop for lunch at a very good hotel.

Another possibility is to arrive at Morombè (45 km. north of Andavadoaka) with an internal flight which is available  twice a week.
For those who wish the maximum comfort there is the possibility of private flights which land directly at Andavadoaka.
The runway is suitable for the landing of aircraft which can take around 10 people. This must be organized well in advance and with our support, taking into consideration the climate of Madagascar.

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